One Huguenot’s Flight from Religious Persecution Creates the Bondurant Family in America

Remembering Susan Clark Neese


Susan Clark Neese, 67 died on January 5, 2022. She was the Secretary of the Bondurant Family Association and was the The Bondurant-Tanner Descendants DNA Project and The Bondurant People of Color DNA Project Leader. She became BFA Secretary in 2019 and presented information on the DNA Projects at the 2020 & 2021 Annual Meetings.

Su McDonnell, BFA Treasurer, has written a moving tribute to Susan
You can read it here.

From Our President

Dear Cousins and Friends,
I must add to the expressions of grief over Susan Neese’s untimely departure. She had an incredible energy and a generosity of unbounded quantity. She shared her expertise to all who came to know her. When she lent me her attention on one of my DNA lineage projects I often thought to myself, “She is too good to be true.” Now she is gone, and I am sad. Knowing her was like a short-lived dream.
I would like to thank Marcelle Bondurant Hoffman for stepping into Susan’s shoes as Secretary of BFA. We appreciate her continued dedication to our organization.
I am pleased to share that the BFA Board and Reunion Committee is actively exploring sites for this year’s reunion. We are investigating both Bondurant, Iowa and Bondurant, Wyoming. Stay tuned!
The photo below is me showing off my and Marvin’s new Genealogy room. As you can see it is already filling up with stuff. And as many of you know, family histories can take up a lot of room!
Bruce Ramsdell, President

Bruce Ramsdell Genealogy Room